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About Us

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We are a small team based in London, England and we share a lot in common.
Mostly, we are all just absolutely passionate about travel and discovering other cultures and ways of life, and all looking forward to the time when we all can start travelling again, hopefully in a way that respects and loves our beautiful planet.

Travel Pantry came out of those experiences, and the realisation that a lot of us these days when we travel don't want to necessarily stay in some hotel or resort, but rather try to immerse ourselves into the feeling of actually living somewhere and not just being stuck in a tourist bubble.

So, we hope the kit is of use when staying in a little studio in Rome you've found on AirBnb, or in a time share you go to every year in Mallorca.  It's got all the cooking basics you need, and leaves you time for doing the fun local food shopping in that cute market down the street. 
Another thing we share is that we are all foodies, and we think that travelling doesn't just mean going to restaurants three times a day, but having the flexibility to prepare some of your own meals.

Our love of food means that we have spent a lot of time carefully testing and choosing suppliers to work with on our products.  For example,
  • Our olive oil is from a collection of wonderful, family-owned, small-scale growers in Spain, who work jointly under the InterOleo brand to compete with the conglomerates.
  • Our sugar is from Silver Spoon, who work directly with British farmers in the East of England to grow sugar beet, which travels on average no more than 28 miles from field to factory.
  • Our herbs and spices come from the wonderful British outfit Just Ingredients, who pride themselves on their ethical and sustainable practices.

If you are interested in knowing more about any item(s) in your Travel Pantry, just write or call us!

Finally, we all our concerned about our planet, and as such we've tried to design our packaging responsibly, and worked with suppliers who are similarly minded.

Thank you,

Greg and the Team